Your B&B a step from Assisi


Places to visit:
Church of Saint Francis: it is made of 2 levels, the lower church and the upper church. The first church is covered in frescoes by Giotto, Cimabue, Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti and houses the tomb of the saint. The second Church is decorated with frescoes by Giotto based on the major events in the life of Saint Francis.
Church of Saint Clare: this Church houses the relicts of the Saint as well as the Crucifix who spoke to Saint Francis at San Damiano.
Temple of Minerva is an ancient Roman building with a beautiful facade with 6 columns.
Cathedral of Saint Rufino houses the font where Saint Francis and Saint Clare were baptized.
Rocca Maggiore is an imposing castle which looms over the town of Assisi intimidating potential invaders.
San Damiano Convent, just outside the walls of Assisi, was restored by Saint Francis with his own hands and then was delivered to Sainte Clare and her followers.
Carceri Hermitage, 4 km far from Assisi, is the place where Saint Francis and his followers gathered to pray and contemplate.
Church of Saint Mary of the Angels, in the plain at the foot of Assisi, is a huge Basilica built around the Porziuncola, the small chapel where Saint Francis lived and where Franciscanism developed. This chapel was on a small piece of land called Portiuncula. Later this name passed to the chapel itself.
It contains the cell (The Chapel of the Transito) where Saint Francis died on October 3rd, 1226.


Hill town on a side of Mount Subasio dating back to Roman times. Do not miss the Tega chapel with 16th century frescoes and a Crucifixion by Niccolò Alunno and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore with the Baglioni Chapel painted by Pinturicchio.


The medieval Bevagna is one of the “most beautiful Italian villages”. A Roman municipium called Mevania, it preserves much evidence of the Roman time: the ruins of a temple and a theatre, the walls and the Roman Thermae with a black and white mosaic of marine life. Bevagna reached its peak during the Middle Ages and keeps still now the charm of its medieval streets. The heart of Bevagna is Piazza Silvestri with a beautiful fountain and monuments and churches of considerable importance .The Cartiera is one of the crafts workshops which give life to the Mercato delle Gaite, the only one which can be visited at anytime.
You can see a demonstration where large machines reduce rags to a pulp to make paper filigree. On the contrary, every year, during the second half of June, there are several crafts shops open. You can observe the breeding of silkworms and the production of silk yarn through the wringer , the production of coins from copper and silver, the dyer, the candle maker from pure bees wax, the potter, the herbalist, the art of bricks, the workshop of wrought iron, wicker and hemp.


It is known for the Sagrantino grapes from which Sagrantino di Montefalco is produced. This wine is a Docg from 1992.The historic centre is surrounded by the well kept medieval walls. Do not miss the beautiful square and the Church of Saint Francis currently a museum which houses 12 panels depicting some episodes of the life of Saint Francis frescoed by Beato Angelico’s pupil, Benozzo Gozzoli.